RTV2 for molding (Germany)

RTV2 Mold making Silicone rubber (RTV-3481)



  • 1 kilogram/ pail
  • 20 kilogram/ pail
  • 200 kilogram/ drum


590 bath/ kilogram

Product original


Diliverry Time

1-2 days


Hardness 21 shoreA


SILASTIC 3481 is suited for the detailed reproduction of figures, art objects and similar items.


  • Outstanding release properties
  • High flow ability and long working time
  • Medium hardness
  • High tear resistance
  • High elasticity, for easy removal of complex replica parts
  • Can be made thyrotrophic (non-flow able) for vertical surface replication
  • Choice of curing agents for special applications


XIAMETER RTV-3481 Moldmaking Rubber is a twocomponent material consisting of XIAMETER RTV-3481 Base which when mixed with a XIAMETER® RTV-3081 Curing Agent, cures at room temperature by a condensation reaction. A range of materials can be cast into the cured silicone mold: plaster, polyurethane and polyester resins are materials typically used.

Typical properties (Sil Model)

Base and Curing Agent mixture (100:10 by weight)
Mixed ViscositymPa.s25,000
Color White
Curing Agent (SILASTIC®)
Curing Agent8181-F81-VF81-R
StandardFastVery fastResin
Working time of catalysed mixture at 23℃ (73.4℉), minutes90-12030-458-1090-120
Cured for 7 days at 23 (73.4)
Hardness (Shore A)21222221
Tensile strength, MPa4.
Elongation at break, %560520420600
Tear strength, kN/m26232125
Relative density at 25℃ (77℉)
Linear shrinkage, %0.2-0.50.2-0.50.2-0.50.2-0.5
Curing time, hours245224